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2012 in 2012

Earlier this week I wrote about how I was finding the idea of training for the MoonWalk quite daunting. I was worried about how I was going to get into a routine, how I was going to find time to train properly, and how I was going to focus my training to make sure I could do the MoonWalk in the suggested six hours as well as enjoy the event.  While I have taken part in events like this before my training as always been flawed, and I was really hoping that in 2012 I could be different – somehow rekindle some of that love and motivation for regular training that I had when I was a teenager and in my early 20s.

Wednesday 27th January 2010

A friend of mine (@shellmoby) has come up with an interesting idea which will get me training now as well as keep me going even after the MoonWalk has finished. It comes from the Gold Challenge for which you have to “travel” 2012 km in time for the start of the Olympics in July this year. Michelle suggested a 2012 in 2012 version of the challenge, where I walk, run or cycle (etc) 2012 km between 1st January and 31st December 2012.

We did a bit of maths on the 2012 km and worked it out as 1250.5 miles in old money – which in turn works out as 24 miles a week or 3.42 miles a day (366 days this year don’t forget). I can currently walk 4 miles in an hour so this challenge would effectively be asking for one hour a day every day for the year. That’s a lot of hours, way more than I spend doing exercise at the moment.  But that’s the point right?

Coleman walking boots... had for years can I have new ones please?!

I like a challenge and was immediately very tempted. But I honestly doubt my ability to achieve it. It would certainly give me focus to my training for the MoonWalk, and would give me something to aim for during the whole year rather than just until May.  If the miles also have to be completed outdoors, adding another element of difficulty to the challenge, it will also help with my “get outdoors” resolution. This isn’t a small task. I would have no choice but to focus on this at the expense of other things (like being a slob).  Just what I need.


My 2012 in 2012 Challenge

  • I will do 2012 km in 2012 – 1250.2 miles.
  • I will include miles I have walked, hiked, jogged or cycled. As many miles as possible should be completed outdoors to fit in with my “get outdoors” resolution. The gym is allowed though.
  • I will include all “on purpose” activities. Wandering around town at lunch time won’t count, but cycling to work will (might encourage me to actually use my bike for work!).
  • This is not a “distance a day” challenge but a “distance in a year” one. This means that I might do 50 miles one week (yea, right!) and none the next. But hopefully will mean I will continue to train all year.
  • I will track my miles on RunKeeper (as I use this to track my exercise anyway). If I hike off road and use the OS Map app instead I will transfer that into RunKeeper afterwards in the interest of keeping all the miles in the same place.

Tuesday 8th November 2011

So far in 2012 I’ve clocked up an appalling 8.22 miles (13.22 km) over on RunKeeper – that is the walk I did on Tuesday afternoon which sparked my The Enormity of the Challenge post and a walk yesterday when I got in from work. I have walked a fair bit in my lunch breaks, but I’ve agreed that wandering doesn’t count as it’s not exercise. I will have to remember to set the app going and march with purpose in my lunch break instead!  I’ve got an awful long way to go (literally) and guess I’m already way behind seeing as it’s a week into the year already, but I’m willing to give it a really good try.  Only 1998.78 km to go!

I’ll obviously keep you updated here and over on twitter with (hashtags #2012in2012 and #getoutdoors).

Thanks Michelle for the idea – I hope I can write some success stories about how well it’s going and one eventually saying I’ve done it!  Anyone else want in on the challenge?

Right… I’m off out for a walk!


Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and would like to sponsor me to do the Walk the Walk London MoonWalk (which may well help motivate my training!!) please visit my fundraising page.  Thank you.

The Enormity of the Challenge

Day three of getting outdoors and today I had to wait for a moment between the heavy rain, hail storm and strong winds to force myself to leave the confines of my house. Well technically I had been outside as first thing this morning I went out to sort the bunnies out, I’d also put the rubbish out in the wheelie bins and opened the front door to the postie – but we all know none of those things count in my #getoutdoors year.

Anyway, I did go for a walk this afternoon, and I was out a whole hour without getting rained on, pretty good timing I reckon.  I went up into the village (which is quite a steep hill), round a bit, and then back home – total of a smidgen over four miles.

I managed the four miles in just under an hour. RunKeeper, which I have used for at least a couple of years now to track any “on purpose” and “for exercise” activities like running, cycling and walking, tells me I had an average pace of 14:44 minute miles, and an average speed of 4.06mph (and a climb of 239 feet).  I can tell you with absolute certainty that was as fast as I could go. I can also tell you I couldn’t have kept that pace up for many more miles.

Walk the Walk MoonWalk

The enormity of the 26 x 14 minute miles the MoonWalk challenge requires has hit me.  I’m looking at 4.3 miles an hour, or approximately 150 steps a minute. I’m nowhere near. Speed or stamina. And I have 18 weeks to go.

And the MoonWalk isn’t my only challenge this year. Actually it’s not my only challenge in May. I’ve also said I’ll give the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge a go just one week after the MoonWalk. Possibly one of the most nuts decisions I’ve made (especially as the MoonWalk recommends no strenuous exercise for two weeks after the event), but I really want to do it and as I have an opportunity to do it with family and friends, I couldn’t say no. Not quite so much pressure because it’s not for charity, but 26 miles of Yorkshire terrain in 12 hours will be no easy task either.

So, here’s a blogger at the start of their training for two quite different walking events, already really worried about what they’ve agreed to. I will do them.  I will complete them both.  I am quite confident of that.  But I am hoping I will be at a level of fitness (physical and mental) that will mean I am able to enjoy them rather than just manage.

I’m not starting from the beginning because I’ve done things like these before, such as the Spires and Steeples Challenge and other hikes, walks and runs, but I’m not very fit at the moment.  And I’m not in any routine either.  My plan is to walk and cycle as much as I can fit in during the working week, and then do some walks at the weekend.  I have a training plan from the MoonWalk organisers which I will do my best to follow (hoping that will also help me prepare for the Three Peaks too), but proper plans like that don’t seem to fit in with a busy schedule like mine.

Brasher Kuga GTX

Any advice for a blogger who kind of knows what she’s doing but is struggling to see how she can get from this point to successfully completing both challenges in May?  How about this “always making excuses” head of mine? What is the best way for me to get into a routine of focussed training, especially when I get home from work and the weather is like it’s been today? Is the gym the answer? Feel free to comment below!

Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and would like to sponsor me to do the Walk the Walk London MoonWalk (which may well help motivate my training!!) please visit my fundraising page.  Thank you.

MoonWalk in 20 Weeks

A little while ago I signed up to do the 2012 London MoonWalk. I wrote about it here. It  is a marathon power walk to raise money for brest cancer charities run by Walk the Walk.

Walk the Walk MoonWalk

I received my welcome pack this afternoon. It contains lots of information about the charity and power walking. Oh and a training plan… And now I’m scared!  Not least about doing this marathon in a bra!!!!  But also at the suggested 14 minute miles.

I’ve declared 2012 as my year of getting outdoors.  I love being outdoors – and really enjoy walking – and this challenge should help encourage me to get out there and enjoy what the outside has to offer.  It’s just one of the things I have planned. But more of that in the new year.

Of course taking part in this event isn’t just a personal challenge of fitness and stamina (and it will be that!). This is also about raising money for charity. Walk the Walk raises money for vital breast cancer causes, granting funds to projects large and small. There’s more information here:

I’ve set my target at what I think is a very achievable £250… Fancy helping me out? I’d absolutely love it if you would visit my fundraising page.

Year in Photos (23 Aug 11) – Railway Bridge

I had the “pleasure” of going to work on the train this morning. Not ideal because the timetable is rubbish for my working hours, but needs must. This is the bridge over to platforms two and three at Sleaford station, it’s a bit bouncy.

Tuesday 23rd August 2011

23/08/11: Bridge over the railway

Year in Photos (21 Jul 11) – Train Ticket

They wonder why people don’t use the train instead of use their cars… apart from the rubbish timetable, it’s also £6.60 for a single 25 minute journey. And that was standing room only.

Thursday 21st July 2011

21/07/11: My ticket home

Year in Photos (12 Apr 11)

I have brought a similar photo to the one below for my Year in Photos entry before… but it just shows my frustration at the level crossings going through the middle of Lincoln.  I was stood here for about 15 minutes.  If you can’t find a way to get the trains (a combination of single carriage local services and long freight) out of the town centre, at least build a pedestrian bridge or subway!

Tuesday 12th April 2011

Tuesday 12th April 2011

12/04/11: Waiting. As usual.

Year in Photos (6 Apr 11)

I got the train home from work today.  It was nice in the sunshine to have a relaxing trip home (I love watching the Lincolnshire countryside go by on a day like today)… but why do they only put a single carriage on this route when there always seem to be more people than that wanting to catch the train home?

Wednesday 6th April 2011

Wednesday 6th April 2011

06/04/11: Waiting at Lincoln station

Year in Photos (9 Dec 2010)

We have now been in the new building at work for about 10 days. Ok so three of those we were closed coz of snow so we’re not really ready to call it home yet… but we’re getting there. The only problem is that to get to the building where all my meetings are held I have to cross one of the infamous level crossings in Lincoln… closed for many minutes every hour, some say up to 45 minutes in some hours.

Thursday 9th December 2010

Thursday 9th December 2010

09/12/10: Stood at the level crossing waiting for the train that was still in Lincoln station to get moving


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