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Heat Holders Slipper Socks

A little while ago I reviewed Heat Holders Socks here on Splodz Blogz.

I loved how cosy and comfy they were and said that I enjoyed wearing them around the house as well as out and about, but later commented on twitter that they were a bit slippery on my wooden floors. So Heat Holders sent me a couple of pairs of their slipper socks to try out (I think they were trying to prevent me from hurting myself!).

Heat Holders Slipper Socks

They have the same 2.3 tog brushed fluffy inside which is seriously comfy and cosy for your feet. The only difference between these and the ones I’ve already reviewed is the rubbery bits which give these a non-slip bottom. Whereas I could easily slide from one side of my kitchen to the other (on purpose and by accident), the bits on these mean I can walk normally. Phew!

Heat Holders Slipper Socks

Heat Holders Slipper Socks

Once again Heat Holders get the thumbs up from Splodz Blogz – they are a joy to wear and now I won’t fall over in my kitchen!

Heat Holders

I’m sat here catching up on Masterchef with these blue socks on my feet. They are cosy and fluffy and definitely warm.

Heat Holders Socks

Heat Holders sent me a pair of their 2.3 tog socks to try out. I’m not sure I’ve ever worn socks with a tog rating before, but I like the idea of a sock that is rated in the same way as a duvet!

Tagged as “the ultimate thermal sock”, it is the extra heavy bulky yarn, long pile cushioning and intense brushing process which all add comfort and warmth. Tog ratings are used to measure the potential warmth of a product; the higher the rating, the warmer the product should be. A high tog rating is achieved by holding as much warm air in the fabric as possible, which is by Heat Holders are brushed on the inside – not just for a fluffy comfy cosy sock but also for a very warm sock.

Heat Holders Socks

To put it in context, the 2.3 tog rating compares to the apparent 0.4 tog of an average cotton sock. Much warmer and much more suited to the winter months.

So how do they feel? Well I’ve already alluded to the fact that they are cost and fluffy and warm. Not a “pretty” sock in that they are thick and add bulk to the foot and ankle, but that’s not what these are about. They are definitely comfortable and that is obvious from the second you pull them on, and that brushed pile on the inside is so lovely on my soles.

Heat Holders Socks

I have worn these socks a lot since they arrived.  Apart from just slobbing in them in front of the telly, I’ve had them on with shoes and boots to go for walks. With all footwear I found I needed to loosen the laces (quite considerably on trainers) because of the thickness of the socks, and I’d be wary of wearing these with certain pairs of shoes as I wouldn’t want to stretch them.  But with walking shoes and walking boots, both of which I wear with thick socks (or two pairs) anyway, there was no problem. When I took them off I was expecting a mass of blue fluff all over my feet, but while I did have a bit of fluff between my toes it was nowhere near as much as I was expecting, and a lot less the second wear. I guess you get toe fluff with every new pair of socks, and I don’t think there was any more than I normally find. Fluff aside, these socks absolutely kept my feet warm. Happy feet!

They are thick socks – definitely casual wear to pair with boots or shoes for a walk, although I was more than happy wandering around my house in these – I reckon they are warmer than my slippers.

Heat Holders are available from The Sock Shop priced at £6 a pair. They are available in a variety of colours. There is also a long version of the sock, and a wellington boot version, both of which I think I need.

Rocket Fuel Self-Heating Coffee

This was an interesting cup of coffee I was sent to review.  Not only is it supposed to wake you up and give you energy, it’s also “self-heating”.

Rocket Fuel is the sort of thing you might drink the morning after the night before AND you’re running really late/don’t have a kettle to hand.

Rocket Fuel Coffee

Rocket Fuel Coffee

Rocket Fuel Coffee

I love the technology at work here.  I mean, the can heats itself!  To activate it you take the pull-ring lid off the bottom and press down on the plastic-like base – you have to push hard, until it kind of caves in.

Rocket Fuel Coffee

Then you shake it from side to side (four times according to the instructions), put the can up the right way, and wait three minutes.

After a few seconds I could hear fizzing and there was a little leakage on the desk – not much.  I could feel the can getting warm.  After my three minutes was up I opened the can (another pull-ring).

Rocket Fuel Coffee

I poured the coffee into a mug to drink it (so I could look at it!) and was surprised how little there was compared to the size of the can.  That’s a normal sized mug on the right above.  I shouldn’t have been surprised – it clearly says 200ml on the side of the can, but I guess I just assumed most of the can would be coffee.  It was really dark in colour, white coffee yes, but not much milk.

And wow it was strong!  I mean, I knew this was going to be strong as my normal choice is a nice milky latte, but even with added milk I found this far too strong for me (I didn’t manage to finish the 200ml!).

The technology had worked though, it was a hot cup of coffee.  And there was definitely a massive caffiene hit – the coffee has added Guarana (is that the stuff in Boost chocolate bars?) for an added energy boost.  You’ll be buzzing!!

Rocket Fuel is available in Sainsbury’s priced at £2.49 each.  Not something I’ll be buying but if you like strong coffee and are in need of a boost on the road, then give this a try – and let me know what you think!  There is also a Hot Chocolate version which might be worth a try.


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